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Learn how
to be super productive
at university

Written by a university instructor
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How would you like to discover a brand new approach to learning that will replace your stress and anxiety while helping you become a top student this semester?


Three key issues that are affecting university students

Not enough time for schoolwork

Too much procrastination

High levels of stress and anxiety

What you will learn

Most students today have never been taught how to learn. They have only been told what to learn.

This e-Book has been written to give you practical and proven concepts and skills to succeed in university and in your career. 

Acquire proven skills

I will give you powerful techniques that will enable you to become more productive, perform at a higher level and increase your motivation at university or college

Change your belief system

Today, thousands students are negatively affected by feelings of pressure, fear and extreme stress, making it almost impossible to learn effectively. Discover how to use your mind to better achieve results today.

Rebuild yourself

Think of your brain as your engine. Unless you take good care of it, you will not get very far in school or in life. Good thinking habits lead to great results, there is no mystery. 

Aleem Nasser, B.Comm., B.A., M.B.A.

High-performance success coach, university instructor, international speaker and author

I help students overcome the same issues that haunted me when I was in university. I wasn’t dumb or lazy and I studied very hard but I still never did well in most of my classes. I could never understand why my hard work never paid off and I had no choice but to solve this problem on my own. I had to work smarter.

I have personally applied all these principles and have also shared these concepts with over 6000 students around the world today with excellent results. Now this is your opportunity to change your future forever!

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What People Say About My Work


Everything was awesome. I really enjoyed how everything was taught

Jeanne Torres

This will be the only course that I will remember for the rest of my life.


Very mind opening, inspirational! I could relate to him well. I especially liked it that he acknowledged mental health.




I appreciated Aleem’s authenticity and humility, his presentation style and the respectful manner in which he engaged the audience!

S. Suleman

I really like all the content being discussed. It has been very useful to me in everyday aspects of life as well.


Online e-Book

7 Steps to be Super Productive at University

Discover a brand new approach to eliminating your
stress and anxiety at university while getting more
done in less time.

You will be shown how to

– Learn concepts faster

– Stop procrastinating

– Improve your mental health

– Increase your motivation and focus



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