Like to find out if both you and your day share a natural rhythm? We asked Swing Patrol‘s king swinger Scott Cupit to display you some strategies to help you get along with your lover started on the dancing floor.

“the best thing we desire from a category is actually a great knowledge. This is the opposite of social networking – you can easily dance with somebody and also have fun and it’s no stress.”

Scott Cupin’s laugh is actually transmittable, as their feet relocate a thoroughly choreographed sequence of actions, kicks and, needless to say, shifts, demonstrating a 1920’s Charleston to eHarmony and our very own photographer.

With typical courses used across London for all from downright novices to severe swingers, Scott’s Swing Patrol is just one of the more energetic nights out highlighted within Great Date Guide. So when he once more requires us through rapid, fast, slow, slow, associated with beginner’s action he breathlessly informs us why dance is the perfect activity so you can get knowing someone.

“You’re socializing, you will get an understanding for anyone who has an union like yours. I have seen numerous relationships begin at our very own courses, it’s just the place to share an event.”

In the event that you fancy trying a date on the dancing flooring you’ll be able to discover your closest Swing Patrol course on their site. Check the pictures of Scott along with his performers actually in operation (picture taking by Toby Vandevelde) under:



Since initiating Swing Patrol in 1998 Scott has actually build classes around the world, from Australia to London, which season has recently observed their troupes do at festivals like the trick Garden celebration and Wilderness, and additionally contending from inside the London Jitterbug Championships.


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